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Being good stewards in the community matters to the people at Volvo Cars Halifax.

The desire to help build healthier communities motivated Volvo Cars Halifax to sponsor April’s fourth annual IG Wealth Management Ceilidh & Casino night. The Sport Nova Scotia event is a key fundraiser for KidSport, which provides grants to offset equipment and registration costs for children across the province.

Tony MacDonald, the general manager at Volvo Cars Halifax, was already aware of all the good KidSport does. He says contributing to sport makes sense because it’s a fundamental part of community wellness.

“We do believe that getting kids into sport at an early age and creating the opportunities creates a better community and better adults, so they become better leaders,” says MacDonald, who has worked with the Steele Auto Group for 20 years.

“Without it, we don’t feel our communities are well-situated.”

Volvo Cars Halifax also gives to the Big Brothers Big Sisters golf tournament and sponsors the Halifax Lancers, who offer a variety of therapy programs to “build better lives through horses.”

The company contributes other smaller-level sponsorships, including in situations where clients and their kids are involved in sport.

MacDonald grew up playing sports and says it kept him out of trouble and taught him a lot.

“It was a big part of my life,” he says. “I learned a lot of my leadership skills through playing sport. I learned a lot of my perseverance and business skills through sport and I relate back to sport a lot when I’m training people and trying to bring people up through the system.”





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