Valley Journal Advertiser - 2021-11-23


Drowning Ophelia to hit Acadia stage


Acadia Theatre Company is welcoming back audiences with the upcoming production of Drowning Ophelia. The set of this one-act dark comedy is Jane’s bathtub. Jane finds it inhabited by a strange, Shakespearean woman, Ophelia. Ophelia delights in singing songs about death and valentines, and interrupting Jane’s carefully planned fantasy research dinners with an actor named Edmund. Jane has a hard time controlling her, especially when her brother Adam appears in memories — memories of a brother Jane would apparently rather forget. Drowning Ophelia is written by Rachel Luann Strayer and was a Fringe Festival entry a few years ago. This presentation of Ophelia is directed by Acadia’s Robert Seale, with a student-run backstage crew. The cast includes Lauren Amirault, Myles Bradley and Claire Chateauneuf; Acadia theatre students diving into three of the most complex roles of their degrees and rounding out the group is Wolfville resident Mike Butler. Butler was asked to step into the cast to fill the need for an older role in the production, and as a well-known community theatre participant, he couldn’t be more excited to be back on stage, watching and diving into how The Acadia Theatre Company brings theatre to life. The characters of Jane, Ophelia, Edmund and Adam are a mix of the real and the fantasy. And, though Ophelia lives only in Jane’s mind, she exerts, with her tub, a great and terrible pull over Jane’s consciousness. However, Ophelia won’t be silenced. Much of the play’s drama derives from the slow unfolding of the mystery of Jane and Adams’ relationship. The past takes over eventually, enabling Jane and the audience to finally look at what went wrong and the cause of Jane’s inability to function. Drowning Ophelia will be performed on the evenings of Nov. 25 to 27 and Dec. 2 to 4. In addition, there will be matinee performances on Sunday, Nov. 28, and Sunday, Dec. 5. Drowning Ophelia is being performed in Lower Denton, on the Acadia campus, with all current COVID-19 protocols in place. Tickets will be available through the Acadia Box Office or by contacting Katie Holmes with questions at


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