Valley Journal Advertiser - 2021-07-20


Kings, West Hants court report


CONDITIONAL SENTENCE TERMINATED Raylene Rose Mahaney, 28, of Kentville, has had her conditional sentence order terminated and will spend the remaining time in jail. Mahaney admitted during a July 13 provincial court appearance that she had breached her conditional sentence. Judge Ronda Van Der Hoek terminated Mahaney’s conditional sentence and ordered her to spend the remaining time, 180 days, in custody. Mahaney breached her conditional sentence order in Kentville on July 10 by failing to abide by a daily curfew. On Feb. 26, 2020, Mahaney was sentenced to a total of 13 charges. She was handed an 18-month conditional sentence order with house arrest for the first six months, to be followed by a daily curfew for the remaining time. She was also sentenced to three months of probation. The charges included three counts of stealing property from the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation; stealing property from Walmart, stealing property from Canadian Tire, willfully obstructing a police officer engaged in the execution of his duty, dangerous driving, resisting a police officer engaged in the execution of his duty, stealing four bottles of liquor from D.J. Corner Store, stealing two boxes of cigarettes from H. Comeau Service Station, stealing cosmetics from Maritime Beauty Supply, failing to comply with probation by failing to make restitution to a victim and failing to attend court as required. In sentencing Mahaney on Feb. 26, 2020, the court also granted several standalone restitution orders and imposed a six-month driving prohibition relating to the dangerous driving charge. CUSTODY FOR FRAUD, PROBATION OFFENCE Martin Leroy Cleveland, 30, of Cambridge, has been sentenced to jail time for defrauding an individual of a sum of money not exceeding $5,000 and for failing to comply with probation. Cleveland was in custody on July 14 and appeared in Kentville provincial court via video. Evidence was heard at a bail hearing, and his release was denied. Cleveland pleaded guilty to the two charges. Judge Paul Scovil sentenced Cleveland to 90 days in custody on each charge, to be served concurrently but consecutive to any other sentence. The court also granted a standalone restitution order for $1,200 for the benefit of the fraud victim. Cleveland committed the offences in Kentville between Feb. 24 and 25, 2020. Four more counts of defrauding an individual of a sum of money not exceeding $5,000 and four more counts of failing to comply with probation were withdrawn on July 14. FINED FOR REFUSING DEMAND George Bernard McGean, 52, of Cambridge, has been fined for failing or refusing to comply with a demand made by a police officer under Section 320.15 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada. This section relates to testing drivers for the presence of alcohol or drugs. McGean changed his plea to guilty on July 12. Judge Ronda Van Der Hoek fined McGean $1,500 and imposed a two-year driving prohibition against him. McGean was also sentenced to 12 months of reporting probation. McGean committed the offence in Waterville on March 28, 2019. Several other charges were dismissed on July 12 with the Crown offering no evidence. They included mischief; two counts of assault, breaking and entering into a residence and committing the indictable offence of assault therein, operating a conveyance while prohibited, operating a conveyance while his ability to do so was impaired to any degree by alcohol or a drug or both, uttering a threat to cause bodily harm and entering a residence with intent to commit an indictable offence therein. FAILED TO STOP VEHICLE Dawson King, 20, of Hillsvale, has been fined for failing to stop his vehicle as soon as was reasonable in the circumstances while being pursued by a police officer. King pleaded guilty to the charge on July 13. Judge Christopher Manning fined King $500. King committed the offence in Falmouth on Jan. 27, 2020. A charge of unlawfully possessing methylenedioxyamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking was withdrawn on July 13, as King successfully completed a restorative justice program. Charges against two co-accused, Mason Clarke, 19, of Lower Sackville, and Brock Pittman, 20, of South Rawdon, were withdrawn by the Crown on July 13. CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE FOR ASSAULTS Vanessa Coleman, 25, of Magee Lake, has been handed a conditional discharge for two counts of assault. Coleman pleaded guilty to the charges on July 8. Judge Christopher Manning handed Coleman a conditional discharge with 15 months of probation on the two charges. Coleman committed the offences on the North River Road, in Magee Lake, on Aug. 6, 2020. A charge of wounding an individual, thereby committing aggravated assault, was dismissed on July 8 with the Crown offering no evidence. CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE FOR ASSAULT Cindy Lou Diane McCabe, 61, of Cornwall, P.E.I., has been handed a conditional discharge with probation for committing an assault. McCabe was originally charged with using a weapon, a glass, in committing an assault but pleaded guilty to the lesser, included offence of assault on June 18. The matter was adjourned to July 13 for sentencing. Judge Christopher Manning handed McCabe a conditional discharge with six months of probation. McCabe committed the offence in Three Mile Plains on Aug. 28, 2020. SUSPENDED SENTENCE FOR FRAUD Devon Mitchell Prall, 30, of Kingston, has been handed a suspended sentence with probation for defrauding an individual of a sum of money not exceeding $5,000. Prall changed his plea to guilty on July 14. Judge Paul Scovil handed Prall a suspended sentence with 16 months of reporting probation, including restitution of $1,250 to the benefit of the victim. Prall committed the offence in Melvern Square between June 6 and 9, 2017. FAILED TO COMPLY WITH RELEASE ORDER Dennis Matthew McEachern, 47, of Waterville, has been fined for failing to comply with a condition of his release order, to have no direct or indirect communication with an individual. McEachern changed his plea to guilty on July 13. Judge Ronda Van Der Hoek fined McEachern $250. McEachern committed the offence in Berwick on June 20, 2020. Other charges against McEachern were dismissed on July 13 with the Crown offering no evidence. They included two counts of assault, uttering a threat to cause bodily harm to an individual and committing mischief by destroying an individual’s TV.


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