Blunt Bartender wins Heinz Helps prize

Money will help with upcoming relocation




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TRURO — Popular downtown Truro business The Blunt Bartender received good news last month as they were named the Atlantic region’s ‘favourite eatery’ as part of the Heinz Helps contest. The honour comes with a $20,000 ‘business boost’ award which owner/operator Marie Mcdow said will help as the business relocates a couple of doors down Prince Street to the former Sun Spun Natural Foods building. “We were told they are tearing this (building) down around March or April (of next year) so when the opportunity came where we were invited to go into Sun Spun, we jumped on it,” Mcdow said, adding it’s still going to take major renovations to make the move. “We have to rebuild everything,” she said. “That's a huge expense for us so this win helps us. I still can't believe it; it's incredible to think all those people voted for us.” The voting process took place from the end of August to the last week of September. It was the first time The Blunt Bartender participated, and they put a lot of thought into making the voting process easy for their supporters. “It was exciting. We went out and actually got shirts made with our QR code on it so people could come in and scan our shirts,” she said of their unique approach with the contest. “Our staff here were absolutely amazing interacting with the customers and everything, in getting them to vote. So it was a lot of fun … we had a lot of fun with it.” The jovial approach worked both with staff and customers and Mcdow said it extends well beyond the recent contest to an everyday business practice. “I think to have a successful business you have to have a happy staff,” she said. “I love for people to come in here, feel comfortable right away and enjoy everything about our place. I want everybody to have a special time and I have a wonderful staff who help us do that. And we're just really blessed with the people that come here and support us … we truly are.” Mcdow expressed more appreciation for their customers. “They work hard for their money and when they go out, they should have a really great time … that's what we aim to provide here,” she said. “And Heinz, thank you so much.” Other winners from across Canada included: West – Barb’s Fish and Chips, Central – 1st RND (West Edmonton Mall), Ontario – Bluebird Café and Grill, and Quebec – Restaurant Snack Shack.