‘It was indescribable’

Great Village parents welcome new year’s baby

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GREAT VILLAGE - A young couple from Great Village welcomed their first child and Colchester County’s new year's baby of 2022. “It was indescribable,” said mom Mia Hingley. “It was like love hit me like a brick wall.” Ryker Alexander Lewis arrived two weeks early, but he was healthy at six pounds, 14 ounces and 20 inches. Hingley did not expect it to be time – she thought she was just having another round of mild Braxton Hicks contractions because it was two weeks before he was due. She and her mother went to the Colchester East Hants Health Centre late in the morning and Hingley gave birth at 7:48 p.m. on Jan. 1. Dad, Koady Ross, left work immediately after getting the call, but Hingley could not switch her support person until the next day. He waited, excited, but nervous, having his first look through video call and embracing his child the next morning. “It was life-changing,” said Ross. “From the very first time I held him, it was perfect.” Expecting him to be bigger, Hingley’s mom and partner hopped over to Walmart to purchase some smaller baby clothes. The couple also did not expect to have the new year’s baby for Colchester County. It was a pretty quiet day until two hours after Ryker’s birth when three other mothers arrived in labour. Baby, mom and dad are doing well. “He's a really good baby,” said Hingley. “I have no complaints as a first-time mom. I'm tired. But he also sleeps pretty well, which I'm thankful for. So we've been able to get some naps in during the day – he's a little bit backwards right now.” Hingley admits morning sickness throughout the pregnancy was challenging, and that she was ready for Ryker by the fourth month – it was hard to wait. COVID restrictions also affected checkups. Throughout her pregnancy, she was able to bring a support person to appointments, but that changed. “When COVID got bad again, he wasn't able to come with me anymore and that made it hard for me to even want to walk into the building,” said Hingley. This is the young couple’s first child, and they say they are really happy, though still in a bit of shock. Ross said he is looking forward to teaching him stuff and spending time with him. “I'm really excited to make memories with him,” added Hingley. And because of COVID, they are limiting home visits, but Ryker brings a lot of joy through video calls to the family and friends who want to make sure he stays safe and healthy.