Truro News - 2021-11-25




• Practise makes perfect - try writing a little bit every day. Doodling is never a waste of time. • Don’t worry if it goes wrong: mistakes and false starts help you become a better writer. I still write stories that aren’t good enough to become books. • Ask for a dictionary for your birthday. You don’t need to fill your stories with too many words, but it’s fun finding out what they all mean. • Read! Join a library and borrow books for free. Librarians will help you find books you’ll enjoy. • Re-write familiar stories in your own words. It’s a bit like having stabilizers on a bike - the more you write, the more confident you get, and the more original your own stories will become. You’ll soon chuck out those stabilizers and free-wheel! • Having dyslexia doesn’t mean you can’t write. For example, Tom Mclaughlin, who illustrated my Chicken Nugget stories, is dyslexic and he’s one of the very best children’s authors on the planet.


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