Documentary aims to leave a legacy for the community




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A documentary that brings the stories of the community to life through the spoken words of seniors and the reenactment of their stories by children is getting ready to make its premiere. ‘Raconte-moi un souvenir' is a documentary about eight Pubnico, Yarmouth County, seniors who recount stories from their childhood. The seniors interviewed ranged in age from 81 to 94. The documentary was filmed at the historic Acadian Village in West Pubnico this past September. The interviews were filmed in July 2022. There is a lot of excitement now that the documentary is set to have its premiere. This will be happening on Sunday, March 19, at 2 p.m. at the Salle Père-MauriceLeBlanc Theatre in Tusket (at École Par-en-Bas.) Tickets are not needed as admission is free. “Some of these stories and anecdotes are brought to life through re-enactments. Young actors play the roles of these seniors when they were young,” explains documentary director Yvette d'Entremont, who notes the project was financed by la FéCANE – the Fédération culturelle acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse. The seniors who were interviewed for the documentary include: Caroline d'Entremont, Laurent d'Entremont, Jean Bernard d'Entremont, Anne d'Entremont, Pierre d'Eon, Imelda Currans (Pierre's sister), Pauline d'Entremont (Jean's sister) and Celina LeBlanc. “These re-enactments, along with the rest of the stories, old photos and images, music, are combined to create a wonderfully heart-warming documentary, a lasting legacy for our community,” d'Entremont says. The premiere screening will be a ‘Red Carpet' in celebration of this project and those who were involved. Prior to the viewing of the documentary d'Entremont says, “Adult actors will come out of the elevator and walk the ‘red carpet,' pose in front of a backdrop, and continue on. Next up, will be the young actors, followed by the seniors, accompanied by the young actors who play them, each walking the carpet and posing.” A reception will follow the screening. D'Entremont says the whole purpose of the documentary is to leave a legacy for the community – a format, she says, that preserves memories for a lifetime. “I got the idea after doing research for a book I'm writing about my great-aunt who was a WW2 nurse, and just wanting to know more about her past, but unable to, because she's no longer here,” she says. “Same with my mom. She died in 2008 and there are so many questions I have that I'll never know the answer to,” says d'Entremont. “This is a gift, a treasure I can give to the families. They'll have it forever. It's also a way to value our elders – their stories, their past, their life.” Luc d'Eon, the general manager of la FéCANE was the cameraman, editor and producer. D'Entremont served as creator, director, screenwriter, and interviewer. The documentary is produced by the FéCANE and other sponsors. After the premiere, the documentary will be available on TéléNE (French platform meaning television Nova Scotia), YouTube and Facebook.