Shelburne County trail cam wildlife images sought for public artwork

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Submissions are being accepted by the Shelburne County Arts Council of trail cam photos captured by Shelburne County residents for a public art installation in the Municipality of Shelburne. 'Animal Sitings' by artist Alex Balkam was selected for the new piece of public art last fall, after a request for proposals was sent out in the summer. The project is in partnership with the Municipality of the District of Shelburne. “'Animal Sitings' is a public art installation celebrating Shelburne County's unique passion for the outdoors through the installation of phosphorescent (glow-inthe-dark) images of wildlife caught on local trail cams by our devoted hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts,” says the Shelburne County Arts Council in a media release. The artist involved in the project is asking Shelburne County residents to submit their favourite or best trail cam images of wildlife captured throughout Shelburne County. Balkam will select four images from those that are submitted to transform into public art. Trail cam images can be submitted via email to Shelburne County Arts Council at shelcoartscouncil@gmail. com. The deadline to submit is Feb. 11. The project will include the installation of four selfcontained weatherproof sealed units constructed using industrial grade 4'x5' Lexan sheets mounted within steel frames, reads Balkam's proposal. The selection of wildlife images from the community will be transferred onto the transparent Lexan surfaces using specialized phosphorescent A hectic period begins to wind down. Take time to draw some deep breaths and relax before getting into your next project. A long-absent family member makes contact. You're eager to move forward with a new challenge that suddenly dropped in your lap. But you'd be wise to take this one step at a time to allow new developments to come paints. Absorbing light each day the animals will glow from dusk to dawn. Locations for the artwork have not been decided yet. The plan is to install the pieces by this summer. For Balkam, this project comes from a personal passion for the outdoors. Trail cameras play an important role in his artistic practice and his research, he says, and has led to an interest in the larger role animals play in inspiring human creativity. Coyotes, foxes, bobcats, black bears and deer have inspired stories and artistic depictions across numerous cultures for generations. It is his hope that these glowing animal installations will evoke new stories, new legends, and new artistic appreciation for coming generations. “'Animal Sitings' aims to expand interest and appreciation in the arts and places a major emphasis on the local You're almost ready to make a commitment. A lingering doubt or two, however, should be resolved before you move ahead. An associate could provide important answers. Caution is still the watchword as you move closer toward a decision about a new situation. If you act too fast, you might miss some vital warning signs. Go slowly and stay alert. Your new goal looks promising, and your golden touch community's passion for the outdoors,” Balkam says. Tthe Shelburne County Arts Council says it recognizes that public art has the ability to connect, engage and reflect people's values, culture, and stories. "We think Balkam's project does much to enhance its prospects for success. In your private life, Cupid does his best to make your new relationship special. That impatient side of yours is looking to goad you into moving before you're ready to take that big step. Stay calm and cool. Let things fall into place before you act. A legal matter you hoped could finally be settled could be a pesky problem for a while, until all the parties agree to stop disagreeing with each other. Be patient. does that in an innovative way and we are so excited to see this project come to life,” says Melissa Strachan, Shelburne County Arts Council Board member. This will be the second public art installation in the municipality and the first year for Partnerships -- personal or professional -- which began before the new year take on new importance. They also reveal some previously hidden risks. So be warned. Your associates are firmly on your side, and that persistent problem that has caused you to delay some activities should soon be resolved to your satisfaction. Favorable changes continue to dominate, and you should be responding positively as they emerge. Someone wants to become more involved in the partnership with the arts council in the administration of the Municipality's Community Art Fund Policy. Shelburne Municipal Council approved the Community Art Fund Policy in March 2018. The first public art installation is located at the end of the Tom Tigney Trail. That Nature Panel project was designed, fabricated and installed by Timothy Gillespie, Sable River. The panel is made from steel and aluminum to withstand the elements. Balkam is a visual and media artist born and raised in Shelburne. His short films have been screened at major film festivals across Canada. In 2017 he was awarded RBC Emerging Artist recognition for his public installation, Folded River. Although currently pursuing studies in British Columbia, Balkam says he is excited to return home for the installation and unveiling of this project. For more information about this project, as well as other projects and programs, visit the Shelburne County Arts Council website at www. shelburnecountyartscouncil. ca. what you're doing. A friend wants to share a secret that could answer some questions you've wondered about for a long time. Meanwhile, travel aspects continue to be strong. Stay on your new course despite so-called well-meaning efforts to discourage you. Rely on your deep sense of selfawareness to guide you to do what's right for you. You have the capacity to meet challenges that others might find overwhelming, and turn them into successful ventures.