2021 difficult year for PET Projects in Shelburne

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For PET Projects in Shelburne, the donation from the annual New Years Day Dog Jog in Barrington Passage will be a big help in the delivery of their programs in support of local animals. “This past year has been quite difficult for PET Projects due to COVID,” said Amanda Oake, chairperson of the volunteer non-profit organization. “The donation is a great help. We haven’t been able to do a lot of fundraising in the last year, so this will be a big help.” The money will go towards PET Projects’ canine and feline spay and neuter program, paying a portion of the costs associated with the procedures. “Anybody can apply for that program,” said Oake. “We also have an emergency medical fund as well. Vet bills can be quite high, especially in an emergency. We do help community members with emergency medical bills as well.” PET Projects also provides pet food if anyone is in need, and with the help of community volunteers it feeds four feral cat colonies on the outskirts of Shelburne, ensuring the felines don’t go hungry. Despite COVID, Oake said PET Projects is trying to be an active part of the community and to fundraise as best they can. “We did get out the trunk and treat and were able to be able to be part of the community for that one and the (stationary) Christmas parade (Miracle on Dock Street). We wanted to get back in the community a little bit, so people know we’re still here.” PET Projects were able to do one fundraiser over the holidays: Christmas dog photos at the Guild Hall for a donation. “That was fun and was actually quite successful,” said Oake.