The Western Star - 2020-03-25


It all adds up



CORNER BROOK, N.L. — While students across the province miss out on instruction time as schools close due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) safety concerns, one full-time Corner Brook tutor is stepping forward to help. Simon Jansen is offering instructional videos for Math 1201, 2201 and 3201 free of charge for Grade 10 to 12 students across the province. As of last Wednesday afternoon, Jansen already had 350 new users register on his website to avail of these services. Jansen felt it was necessary to put the courses online as a free public service so students can continue studies while at home. “People are very concerned about their kids’ education and during this time, we all have to pull together,” he said. “And I am lucky, in the sense that my job is continuing. There are many people who are trying to make things work. I figured the least thing I can do is try to support the students who are at home.” From his experience as a tutor, Jansen is aware how students forget their studies over the summer and often have to relearn when school reconvenes in the fall. He knows how important it is to keep students on track while school is out of session. “It is important to keep some practice in people’s daily lives so, when school reopens, they’re not starting from scratch,” he said. Jansen offers a two-hour instructional video for each of the nine chapters in each of the three courses, totalling 27 videos. Although the videos are intended specifically for high school students, anybody interested can access them. They will remain free for the remainder of the school year. Jansen tutors about 40 to 50 high school and post-secondary students in math and physics each year. He currently does not make videos for any other courses besides Math 1201, 2201 and 3201. Jansen is also continuing his online private and group tutoring sessions for math and physics. Costs for these sessions are provided on his website. His in-person private and group sessions are suspended as a precaution against COVID-19. Anyone interested in signing up for Jansen’s videos can visit https://www. registration/.


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