Organizing projects can be easy, gratifying




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I was reading about how completing a quick and easy organizing project around the house can instantly lift a person’s mood. There’s something about taking something that is out of order and putting it right. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment and control that makes us feel productive. I recently helped a family member organize a walk-in closet and swap out old, mismatched hangers for lovely new black velvet slimline ones. It only took two hours to scrutinize every item, purge where appropriate, hang everything in an orderly fashion and pop several bags of donations into my vehicle for drop off. What a difference! I’d like to suggest a few quick projects for a free evening or a stormy day. Try any one of these to instantly lift your mood and motivate you to keep organizing whenever you get the opportunity. • Entryway closet: Take absolutely everything out of the closet and give it a thorough vacuuming. Return all the things that shouldn’t have been in there to their proper homes. Create a donations bag for footwear and outerwear that is no longer serving your family. Use baskets to corral items and rehang all the jackets in an organized fashion. I guarantee your morning departure will be less stressful after you complete this simple task. • Linen closet: Take everything out of the closet and clean the shelves. Recognize you probably don’t need to keep so many sets of sheets and bath linens. Aim to create a little empty space here and there with your purposeful purging. Get a bag for donations and be ruthless. If you have not used something in a year, donate it. Put your best folding skills to use and uniformly fold everything as you like it; everyone has a favourite method. Put everything back in a pleasing way. I suggest to clients to label the shelves. It’s amazing how we can train ourselves to maintain an orderly space if we take the guesswork out of putting things away. Hide a few dryer sheets in the closet or open up a lovely bar of soap to make everything smell fresh. • Bathroom vanity: Take everything out of the vanity and drawers and clean all surfaces with a bucket of hot soapy water. I like to put everything on a table or counter at waist-height rather than crawling on the floor. It’s so much easier on your back. Time to be unforgiving with the purging. Go through every single item and if it has not served you in the previous year, put it in the box of items to donate. I know sometimes it’s difficult to let go of things you impulsively bought and paid good money for or things you have been given as gifts and feel guilty about parting with. Just do it. The space you’ll liberate will be welcome and you will create calmness and peace by streamlining your stuff. Now group similar items in inexpensive containers and label them such as, first aid or nail care. Put everything back and reward yourself with a little plant or candle on the gleaming counter. If you take the opportunity to organize a manageably small area of your home, it will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment and pay dividends. Try organizing as therapy when you are feeling down. Taking control of a project like this will give you the confidence to take on another little project and another until before you know it your whole home is a peaceful sanctuary. Lisa Macdonald-Faulkner has been a professional organizer in HRM for almost a decade. She is passionate about helping people clear the clutter and get aboard the organized train. Connect with her about premove purges, estate organizing and your dusty boxes.