Proud of the cookware in our own backyard

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To a cook, the kitchen is a workshop. And in a workshop, you have plenty of tools. Kitchen tools start with the basics, like cookware, utensils and things to strain, mash, mix and measure. Good basics will last you a lifetime so it’s worth doing some research before you buy. Let’s have a look at what Meyer is doing for cookware. Meyer has a number of manufacturing facilities all over the world. One of them is in our own backyard, on Prince Edward Island. The plant was originally built to produce a popular cookware brand but when that brand was purchased by a big company, production moved offshore. Meyer re-branded under their own name and the cookware lines continue to grow and improve. You may be familiar with the Nouvelle, Confederation and SuperSteel lines. Nouvelle and Confederation pots and pans have an encapsulated base to conduct heat through the pan. An encapsulated base is welded onto the bottom of the pot and has an aluminum core. The SuperSteel cookware has tri-ply construction so the inside and outside layers are steel with an aluminum core for better heat conductivity, manufactured in one smooth piece. About a year ago, Meyer introduced ProClad, with five-ply construction, a very modern profile and superior heat distribution. A layer of steel again on the inside and outside, with two aluminum layers sandwiching an aluminum core, means you could cook like a pro. Just a few months ago, Meyer upped their game again and is now manufacturing CopperClad. Styled like the ProClad, this five-ply construction replaces the aluminum core with copper. There is a copper band on the pans, giving a very attractive look to the cookware as well as indicating the copper core. The heat distribution is fabulous. Designed for superior performance on induction cook-tops, this cookware will give a lifetime of service. It should be hand washed to preserve the copper finish. The difference between copper and aluminum shows up in several ways. First, copper is a better conductor than aluminum so heating a pot of water will be faster if it has a copper core rather than an aluminum one. Second, copper is more expensive so an aluminum core can help keep the purchasing cost of your cookware down. And third is care as copper should be hand washed versus using the dishwasher. Your copper will likely react to the dishwasher detergents and discolour. Think of it as a high-end car. You never see one going through the car wash. It’s quite something to think of all this amazing cookware being manufactured in the Maritimes. This is cookware that can compete with some of the best brands in the world. Meyer offers quality of both materials and construction, every piece is induction ready, and the products have lifetime warranties. When you need new cookware tools for your kitchen, take a good look at Meyer, made by Canadians for Canadians.