Embracing joy from community art wall




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There is nothing like children's art to brighten up a space and mood, particularly when it is unexpected. Art contributed by children from the child-care centre Little People's Place is being displayed on the lobby wall of the King Street Centre at 157 Water St. in Shelburne. Images of igloos and snowflakes, mittens and snowpeople, bears and trees mark the playful winter season. Three abstracts are a celebration of colour and determined brushstrokes; each painting is easily worth a thousand words, including cheerful and bright. The tagline reads: “Life is about using the whole box of crayons,” (author unknown.) It sits over the display; half outside the lines of the yellow square. “The art wall has been created by the children from Little People's Place at the King Street Centre,” said Erin Locke, assistant director of Little People's Place. “We provide the children with lots of great open-ended art materials to create some amazing works of art,” she added in an email to SaltWire Network. Co-operation is at the heart of the display. The project is the brainchild of Matt and Colleen MacInnis, whom, Locke noted, kindly donated the space. The curator is also a volunteer. “We have to thank local artist Melissa Strachan, who takes the artwork provided by the children and turns it into this beautiful display that you see when you walk into the building,” said Locke. ABOUT LITTLE PEOPLE’S PLACE Programs are currently open to children 18 months to 10 years old. Watch for an announcement within the next month or two, Locke added, for the provision of spaces for infants. There are two locations. The King Street Centre houses after-school programs and preschool rooms. St. Andrew's Lane Centre houses two toddler rooms, as well as the transition room. This local community asset is celebrating 45 this year. Visit www.littlepeoplesplace.info for more information.