Water Samples Needed



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The Municipality of Pictou County is conducting a water sampling program for lead and copper as per the environmental approval for its water distribution system. The samples identify potential corrosion-causing parameters. The MOPC’s water utility doesn’t contain lead but lead and copper corrosion can potentially occur in older plumbing systems with galvanized iron, copper or brass pipes and fittings. How do you test? Program participants only need to provide one water sample taken on a predetermined date in the summer months. Municipal staff will drop off and collect the sample bottle. Participating residents will receive the test results. There is no cost to the homeowner to have your water tested and instructions will be given for proper collecting procedures. The following areas that require testing would include: Riverton Plymouth Priestville/Walkerville Hillside Westville Road Mt. William Merigomish Road Alma/Greenhill MacLellan’s Brook Road If you can participate in the water testing program, please contact Dan Fortune at dfortune@munpict.ca or call 902-485-2246.