A lovely and comfortable Pear-ing

Halifax company brings style, functionality to compression socks




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In 2020, while studying neuroscience and psychology (and minoring in business), Dalhousie University student Emily MacArthur contemplated obtaining a master’s degree post-graduation. However, she changed direction after learning about the plight of individuals seeking compression socks that were both effective and aesthetic. “We got the idea from a family friend who was pregnant and experiencing inflammation in her legs and was advised to wear compression socks,” says MacArthur, founder and CEO of Pear Compression. “To her surprise and ours, there weren’t any compression socks available to her that were comfortable, stylish or something that she could see herself wearing day to day — they were kind of hard to get on, irritating and just pretty ugly.” Learning more about compression socks and the benefits many women were forgoing due to their unappealing nature, MacArthur, alongside brother Nick MacArthur and friend Ryan Brinkurst, established Pear Compression. “As we continue to better understand the benefits of good circulation and lymph flow, more people are discovering that it’s a good idea to wear compression socks on a regular basis,” says MacArthur. “Our hope is that by providing women with quality compression socks that are both cute and comfortable, integrating compression socks into your everyday becomes easier and much more desirable.” Made in Milan, Italy, by a respected family-owned manufacturer, Pear socks feature pressure levels ranging from 12mmHg (millimetres of mercury) to 25 mmHg, ensuring the most comfortable, wearable compression sock. Just last month, Pear released its latest collection. Following 2021’s original popular polka dot collection, which became an instant hit thanks to its “elegant-fun” look, the new collection offers even more options and versatility for pairing with outfits. The new ‘minimalist’ collection includes four versions of the company’s original kneehigh sock in tan, black and white; and a new shorter style with the same colour options — crew socks featuring the words “Be Kind” inspired by the popular quote “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” “When I saw that quote, I thought it would be the perfect little reminder,” says MacArthur. “It’s important to be kind to yourself, but also it’s something that catches someone’s attention when they see the socks.” Some recently released styles are infused with Silver Dry Stat® — a technology with anti-microbial, antiodour and moisture-wicking properties. And the benefits of the footwear cannot be understated. Already reasonably priced, the socks’ health benefits have seen office workers, pregnant women, nurses and more receive coverage for them. Pear’s socks are designed to optimize lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation and prevent varicose veins, edema and related circulatory issues. They also provide relief from various uncomfortable symptoms that arise from repetitive and/or prolonged strain on the lower legs and vascular system. “Women tell us that they genuinely appreciate how we’ve gone into the details of the socks,” says MacArthur. “We’ve had comments from people saying like, ‘definitely the most aesthetic compression sock brand I’ve ever come across.’” Of course, presentation is also important. “In addition to our socks, we have a very nice package,” adds MacArthur. “We want the whole experience of receiving your compression socks to feel like a gift-opening experience; from the getgo, we want you to feel good about wearing your socks and be excited to get them.” Also, featuring a blog on its website, Pear provides education, covering topics ranging from postpartum recovery to the benefits of compression socks for nurses. “We’re not just trying to sell a product,” says MacArthur. “We’re trying to bring a community together.” And Pear is succeeding, connecting with many individuals who align with the brand’s message, including celebrity fans like HGTV personality Jillian Harris and Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Bosstick. Having cultivated an online community, MacArthur’s most fulfilling moments come when connecting with others, sharing her story and hearing theirs. “When we get reviews, emails or messages on Instagram, showing us customers wearing the socks and telling us their favourite socks, it honestly feels surreal,” says MacArthur. “It’s amazing to know that we’re actually helping women and that they feel like our brand is serving a purpose.” With Pear socks already available in a handful of pelvic health clinics, physiotherapy shops and fashion boutiques across Canada, the company hopes to expand to more retailers and partner with larger brands. Meanwhile, MacArthur and her team look forward to a future of creating community, spreading awareness and kindness through their products and brand message. “I know everybody has gone through a lot in the past couple of years,” says MacArthur. “I always remind myself and others that you never know what someone’s going through, so it’s just always best to be kind.”