So long, for now




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Hey folks, I'm writing to you directly today with some tough news. This will be the final edition of the paper you are now reading. It's never easy saying goodbye. We have focused intensely on hyper-local stories since these papers launched and I believe they have provided an important service to the communities they land in each and every week. And I know there are a lot of loyal readers out there. When we had to change the puzzles, my inbox was full and has been ever since. Hopefully, you've noticed the new puzzles, which include word search and Sudoku, which just became available. You're welcome. Don't worry about your retail flyers, those will continue to be delivered every week with a supplemental wrap from us, which will contain puzzles and other items for readers to enjoy. I want to thank all of the incredible writers, photographers, editors, marketing consultants, page designers, the folks at the printing press, the delivery drivers and everyone else that has worked so hard to make these a reality. For the reader, these just show up every Wednesday, but there is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to make them into a real, tangible thing that you're holding right now. I also want to thank the readers who have submitted items to us directly, be it photos, upcoming events, or just updates on goings-on in the communities they live in. My hope is that you have felt reflected within these pages, that's what a community paper is supposed to do. Community news at SaltWire is not over, far from it. We will continue to produce a wide array of print and online products with coverage from across Atlantic Canada and right here in the community you call home. The best way to find that content is through a subscription to either, which includes unlimited access to our E-editions or via a print subscription to The Chronicle Herald, which includes access to the website as well. A subscription shows that local, independent journalism is important to you. That you like to stay up to date on what's going on in your backyard or around the world. That you are actively engaged in your community. Finally, thank you, reader. For taking the time to pick this up, to flip through these pages, to read these stories. It's because of you that we continue to do this every day.