Industry organizations calling for fishing vessel safety inquiry



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Two organizations representing the fishing industry in Newfoundland and Labrador are joining the call for a federal inquiry into fishing vessel safety following a recent tragedy. Jeannette Russell, the mother of Marc Russell, who died last year, along with his mate Joey Jenkins, recently called for the inquiry. Association of Seafood Producers executive director Derek Butler said the organization supports the call. “It is a double tragedy when other sectors see inquiries, see commissions, and studies, but in the fishery, we somehow have come to accept the tragic losses of life, which need not be the case,” said Butler in a news release. Meanwhile, the FFAW’s inshore council said it’s reiterating the need for increased search and rescue resources in Labrador. “In particular, there is an urgent need for a fast lifeboat station similar to St. Anthony or Port aux Choix,” said FFAW-Unifor president Keith Sullivan. “Fish harvesters in Labrador face the same occupational dangers as harvesters in other regions and they are deserving of adequate search and rescue services … It’s clear that additional resources are needed and the federal government must commit to providing these critical services,” said Sullivan.