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DIY budget-friendly Christmas décor EAST COAST MOMMY


GINA BELL @Saltwirenetwork

Holiday décor is a fantastic way to make a home feel festive and I love the idea of getting the whole family involved in crafting DIY Christmas decorations. It’s budget friendly and a wonderful way to spend time together. Pinterest is full of holiday inspiration and the dollar store has an abundance of inexpensive décor and craft supply options. So here, I’m sharing a few of my favourite DIYS. One of the best ways to add unique decorations to a home is to create customized, handmade wreaths. They are easy to make and work well both inside and outside of the home. You can dress up a plain greenery wreath by adding dollar store ornaments and embellishments, or you can create a custom creation with a little effort and imagination. Start by figuring out the esthetic you are trying to achieve. For example, if a cozy cabin feel is your goal, try incorporating soft textures and plaid. If you prefer a modern esthetic, opt for a neutral colour palette with silver or gold accents. I love farmhouse style, so I have a weakness for cozy decorations like pom pom wreaths. To make a wintery pom pom wreath, start by wrapping a foam wreath form in white yarn and securing the yarn periodically with hot glue. Then, make a bunch of pom poms and tie them to the wreath or attach them with hot glue. Making pom poms is a great activity for older children and adults. (You can use a pom pom maker or you can make your own pom poms. Simply wrap yarn around your fingers, slip the yarn off our fingers, tie it in the middle, cut the loops, and trim to shape.) I added bottle brush trees to the centre of my pom pom wreath this year, but it would look great plain or with a plaid bow too. Boho wreaths are another option that are trendy right now and they can be easily made with yarn in holiday colours. To make a simple boho Christmas wreath, start by wrapping a wire wreath form in jute twine, securing periodically with hot glue. Then, cut long strips of yarn in different colours and loop them around the bottom of the wreath. To embellish the wreath, I add a cluster of coordinating pom poms to the side of the wreath. I love how easy this festive wreath is to make. I used green, red and white yarn for my wreath, but you can use any combination that matches your décor. Non-traditional shapes also make unique and classy wreaths. Consider using bright red spray paint on an empty square dollar store picture frame. Then, hang ornaments or bells from twine (inside the frame) and add a bow to the top of the frame. Easy, festive, and fun! Kids can get involved in crafting Christmas wreaths too. Start by cutting the centre out of a paper plate. Then, let the child scrunch up bits of green tissue paper and glue them to the paper plate. Finish with a bit of ribbon and some “holly berry” pom poms. Little ones will love gifting their creations or displaying them for everyone to see. Holiday wreaths are perfect for adding inexpensive festive flair to your home. I hope I’ve inspired you to get the whole family involved in crafting some unique handmade Christmas décor this year. Gina Bell is a mother of three and can be found online at


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