The Amherst News - 2020-03-25


Music Jam in Oxford taking a hiatus


Eleanor Crowley Eleanor Crowley writes for the Oxford area for the Amherst News.

The Oxford Library is closed and is looking for a new home. The library issued a news release about leaks in the building and, until something changes, books can only be checked out through the mailing service or by picking them up at another branch. *** Recently, we had a music jam at Oxford Capitol. The Oxford Music Jam for March 27, however, is now cancelled. At this time all public venues seem to be closing down due to Coronavirus concerns and precautions. It’s a big deal to shut things down and when this is all over we will need to start up again. *** I am hard-pressed for news because everyone is staying home. I just need to listen to realize I haven’t heard a car in a bit, which is unusual. It always amazed me when we moved here how many people go up and down this street and it doesn't matter whether they live here or not, and this street is not a thoroughfare. *** I want to thank everyone who offered information about Dr. Davies. I found more trails to look down and I am confident I will find someone. I will let you all know, naturally. *** I hope everyone is filling out the Lion’s survey. They need to know what support they have, so fill it out. *** The Highway Hole Report has not been released, yet. Grrr, and I can’t fix that either.


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