The Amherst News - 2020-03-25


Dobson and Thompson genealogy books released


Margaret Reid Margaret Reid writes for the Williamsdale area.

Good morning everyone and I hope you are enjoying the recent nice weather we have been having. It will be so nice when we can open the doors and let the fresh air and sunshine in. ■■■ This coronavirus is really upsetting a lot of travel plans that folks had made. As well, a lot of churches, including the Millvate United Baptist Church, are being closed for a while as a precaution. It seems to be the most contagious disease that has been around for some time. Also, Margaret Reid is scheduled for surgery on April 2, but it is hard to tell now, as so many things have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. ■■■ Recent visits included: Mary Esther Smith was visiting one evening recently with Margo and Greg Patriquin and their children Logan and Lexie of Collingwood. The ladies of the Millvale United Baptist Ladies Auxiliary gathered at the home of Wendell and Margaret Reid and Wendy Reid recently to hold a meeting. The meeting was long overdue so we had many things to talk over. Wendy prepared a delicious lunch of seafood chowder and Lorna Stewart and Linda Stewart brought rolls and other treats as well. The ladies talked over plans for the next couple of months. ■■■ We are very pleased to hear that John Chouinard is feeling much better and was able to return to his home. After being released from the hospital, John spent some time recovering with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Purdy along with John’s little dog Wilfie. ■■■ We were very happy to hear that the books about the Dobson and Thompson genealogy have been released. I have ordered a set (I was formerly Margaret Dobson of Little River) and I have been told there is lots of information there. ■■■ Quote: “Age doesn’t mean a thing. The best music is played on the oldest violins.”


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