Sackville Tribune - 2020-03-25


How to update French doors



French doors are a great way to separate two interior spaces that are visually connected. They’re also ideal for enhancing your view of the outdoors and letting natural light shine into a room. However, they can sometimes look dated. Here are a few ways to give them an upgrade. CHANGE THE LOOK French doors are typically made of wood. If you’ re not a fan of yours, why not paint them? White is a timeless choice, but you can also turn your doors into a focal point by painting them a colour that contrasts with the rest of the room. Alternatively, replace the whole setup with doors that each feature one large pane of glass or have a modern steel frame. ADOPT A NEW STYLE While most French doors consist of two doors that swing outwards or inwards, there are different options available. Three- or fourpanel French doors, which include two working doors flanked by large windows, are perfect for letting in more light. Finally, if you love the look of French doors but lack the space for them to swing open, consider sliding or folding options.


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