Sackville Tribune - 2020-03-25


Types of wall trim and mouldings



There are a variety of wall trims and mouldings you can use to decorate your home. Here are the main ones you should know about: – Pediment. This decorative moulding is of¬ten found above windows and doors. It’s typically round or triangular and can range from simple to very ornate. – Crown. Also known as a cornice, this type of moulding gets placed at the juncture between a wall and ceiling. – Wainscotting. Common in older, more formal homes, this is a panel that covers the bottom half or third of a wall. It’s often painted a different colour from the rest of the room to provide contrast. – Chair rail. This thin, horizontal moulding is usually placed about a third of the way up the wall. Chair rails were once routinely installed to protect walls from the backs of chairs. These days, they typically serve as decoration. They can be used on their own or in combination with wainscotting. – Picture rail. Similar to a chair rail but usually placed higher on the wall, this type of moulding is used to hang paintings and pictures without nails. It’s ideal for renters and homeowners who don’t want to put holes in the walls. – Mantel. A mantel or mantelpiece goes above and around a fireplace. It usually in¬cludes a wide shelf for displaying art and other objects. Wall trim can be decorated in a variety of ways, but many people paint it white or a colour that contrasts with the surrounding walls. Alternatively, the colour of the mouldings can be matched to the walls for a more streamlined effect.


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