P.E.I. introducing new design for license plates

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CHARLOTTETOWN — The provincial government is introducing a new design for P.E.I. license plates, including a distinct plate for electric vehicles. “It has been almost a decade since Prince Edward Island introduced a new license plate design, and it is time for a refresh,” said Transportation Minister Cory Deagle. “The traditional, simple design will allow greater visibility as we start getting into six-digit numbering.” Since 2013, Island residents have been able to purchase a wildlife conservation plate, and the money from selling those plates is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Fund. Conservation plates will still be available in the new plate design. Additionally, Island residents will have the new option to buy a Canada's Food Island license plate. All proceeds from selling those plates will be donated to Island Food Banks. The cost will remain at $5 for a new license plate and $10 for a conservation or Canada's Food Island plate and will be available in late December at Access P.E.I. locations across the province. People will not be required to buy a new design plate upon renewal if their current plate is in good condition.