Journal Pioneer - 2021-11-24


A community and family in mourning

Missing Person


LENNOX ISLAND, P.E.I. — Kelly Sark wants people to know her brother was a good man. Jamie loved kids and was great at being an uncle. He’d do anything anyone needed, with a goofy smile always on his face. He loved the outdoors and had skills, ancient and modern, from carpentry and cars to traditional medicines and birch basket-making. “He was like the glue that kept us together. He was truly amazing,” Kelly said. “I just want people to know that Jamie was my brother and he mattered.” Kelly wants people to know another thing: she’s never going to stop trying to find out what happened to Jamie. “We’re not going to stop fighting for Jamie because we don’t know the whole story yet. We’re going to find out and we’re not going to stop asking questions. Jamie would do the same thing for us.” SEARCH Jamie went missing from Lennox Island on August 21, 2021. P.E.I. RCMP announced last week they had found a body in the woods of Lennox Island, and on Nov. 18 they confirmed it was Jamie Sark they had found. On Nov. 12, 2021, at approximately 12:45 p.m., the RCMP helicopter located a body in a heavily wooded area,” the Nov. 18 release said. “The body has since been positively identified as the missing 28-year-old man from Lennox Island.” The investigation continues and anyone with information should call the Major Crimes unit at 902-566-8417, the release continues. QUESTIONS REMAIN Until then, it bothers Kelly not to know what happened, she said. The whole search has been hard, she said. “It was a different type of feeling I never felt before. It was scary; it was traumatic. It was like living in a bad dream.” She couldn’t sit still, but keeping busy and staying close to family brought some comfort, she said. “I found what helped me get through it all the last three months was just to keep looking, just to keep following leads and the tips that we would get.” While the Lennox Island community has been a source of comfort for Kelly, she said the community is itself mourning the loss. “I think we’re all in shock still. We’re taking it pretty hard. We’re grieving really hard.” A sacred fire was lit on Lennox Island when Jamie was found, and it burned for four days and nights, said. “A lot of people came by to pay their respects to the fire and pray for Jamie. We’re just glad to bring him home now.” Jamie had a lot of support in the community — maybe more than he maybe ever realized, Kelly said. “In the darkest days of Jamie, he might not have felt he was loved as much as the community showed us in the last week or so, or in the last few months… I wish Jamie was able to see how much people cared about him. I know he can see that from the other side.”


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