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Opening Lead: ♦7

South won the diamond ace and cashed the top spades as both defenders followed suit. He crossed to dummy with a club to pitch a diamond on the ace of hearts.

West was entitled to the master trump but two overtricks were home, N-S +480.

South had been too conservative in the auction for my money. He should, therefore, not leap to the major suit game at his second turn. He should cuebid three diamonds over three clubs to establish a game-force which would present partner an opportunity to offer a spade preference or make another informative rebid.

This sequence would create an issue for North where he would be forced to rebid hearts for lack of a viable alternative. South should then venture six clubs since partner is marked with spade shortness.

The minor suit slam should be successful in spite of the 4-1 trump division. North wins the diamond lead with the ace, cashes the ace of spades and ruffs a spade. The heart ace takes care of the losing diamond so that he simply can draw trump, ending in dummy, to finish with thirteen tricks. The major suit slam garners a better result but a slam is reached.





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