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There have been two pieces about hockey that I take issue with: one a letter from E.A. Morgan (Nov. 15), the other an opinion piece by Bryn Amirault (Nov. 18).

Regarding the second: To conflate “expensive” and “elite” is not well researched. There are many sources of financial support for children who show promise. Most teams have payment plans, fundraisers, equipment swaps and sponsors to help allay the costs.

Hockey is an expensive sport but not all youth hockey is elite, and equipment costs the same whether you are a mediocre player or playing at the elite level.

If a child has the raw talent and drive to play at the Aaa/elite level, they deserve whatever they need. Players commit to hours of practice and weekends dedicated to games and road trips. Money cannot buy a spot on an elite team; that is earned by each player.

To Morgan I say, if you are disillusioned with adult players and missing “good” hockey, go to a rink and watch some youth hockey. There is nothing more joyful to watch than the earnest enthusiasm of a Timbits game. At the elite level, you will not be disappointed in the calibre of play.

I have been watching male and female youth hockey for 15 years, and I have seldom been disappointed. Andree Desrosiers, Halifax





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