Fines hiked for illegal dumping on Crown land




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HALIFAX — The fine for dumping trash on Crown land is rising significantly. “We’re serious about protecting our lands and forests,” Tory Rushton, minister of the Natural Resources and Renewables Department, said in a release. “We’re delivering on a promise to increase the fine for dumping on Crown land. Higher fines will serve as a greater deterrent and help keep our natural spaces clean.” The fine under the Crown Lands Act for dumping on Crown land has been increased to $812.50 for a first offence and up to $2,422.50 for repeat offences. Previously, the fine was $352.50 for both first and subsequent offences. Crown land makes up about 26 per cent of the province and it is managed by the department under the Crown Lands Act. Increasing the fine for dumping on Crown land is a commitment in Rushton’s minister mandate letter. Fines are levied through summary offence tickets. Police and conservation officers can issue them on the spot when a situation warrants a fine.