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Looking at food packaging lately, I’m seeing a disturbing trend on labelling. I can’t tell whether or not I, as a consumer, am being treated as either gullible or stupid, but some examples are: A can of tuna is labelled “Bluefin tuna packed in seawater,” and then, in big letters, “All natural ingredients.” Is there anyone who doesn’t know that tuna and seawater are natural ingredients? A regular can of beans has large letters on the label which say “Vegetarian.” I truly hope that everyone is aware that beans are a plant. A package of bacon has bold writing that says “Gluten Free.” I can’t imagine a person who doesn’t understand that pigs are not a gluten-containing grain. We often hear that an increasing number of people are quite detached from the realities of the food chain, and that many things which were once obvious aren’t as obvious any more. Are these merely the marketing attempts of manufacturers to catch the consumers eye? Or are there actually people who will pay extra for “free-range organic lobsters?” This is either a cause for despair, perhaps just a cause for a chuckle. Rick Morse, East Berwick