Changing of the guard

Morrison, Redden elected by peers to lead Annapolis County

ANNE CROSSMAN @SaltWireNetwork Anne Crossman is a former journalist and media manager. She now does volunteer work in her community of Annapolis Royal.



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There is a change at the top of the Annapolis County municipal government. The new warden is Alex Morrison, a seasoned manager for many years and one who understands Robert's Rules of Order and how this part of Nova Scotia works. Warden Morrison also has international experience given his time as manager of the sadly gone Pearson Peacekeeping Centre. His resumé is much longer than this and worth looking up. He is joined by Deputy Warden Brad Redden, who has paid close attention to the governance of the county over the past two years. He has made some thoughtful remarks on many subjects. There is also an interim chief administrative officer at this time – Doug Patterson. There will be a byelection in January for District 3 to replace Alan Parish, who resigned as warden and as councillor. No word yet on who will be running. I trust this new regime is a positive, forward-looking step for the county. And I wish them well. Odds and ends I think there’s a new group of back-to-the-landers in these parts. They are young families who are buying rural properties with a view to do subsistence farming and raising their children in a rural environment. I believe this is a good thing. First, it lowers the median age of this area. Secondly, it injects some new ideas and new enthusiasm and, let’s face it, younger, stronger residents. I find I am wearing my mask more often these days. I saw Dr. Robert Strang on television last week urging us to do so. He got us through the really rough part of this COVID-19 business, so I’m prepared to listen to him again. I have had all five COVID shots plus the flu shot. But I am not taking any chances. And to end off this week, we have moved into Annapolis Royal. This is a big change for us but as someone pointed out, we are four doors down from the place we rented back in 1998. The convenience is amazing. On one side of us is Legal Aid. And on the other side is the hardware store, the liquor store and the funeral home. And across the street are not one but two grocery stores. The home of the ambulance is also across the street. I would say we are covered.