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• Who – The warden for the Municipality of the County of Annapolis. The District 6 councillor was elected by his peers during the Nov. 15 council session. Brad Redden, who represents District 10, was elected deputy warden. • Municipal biography – Morrison was elected in 2012, 2016 and 2020. He has chaired the audit, nominating, strategic planning and physician recruitment and retention committees and served on many others. Morrison said he won’t re-offer as a councillor in the 2024 municipal election. • Did you know? Morrison served three years as president of the Library Boards Association of Nova Scotia. • In his own words: “I’m a little guy raised in Cape Breton, and I have had, what I think was, a wonderful life in the army. I spent three years in Germany in the army, I spent six months in Cyprus at the headquarters of the United Nations. I’ve travelled to 55 countries. I spent six years in New York helping to represent Canada at the United Nations and chairing a committee from time to time. I ran a strategic studies institute in Toronto, the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre and then I took, what to me was, a real risk and the potential source of great disappointment and I stood in front of the people in District 6 and said, ‘Please elect me’ and they did three times. I’ve had a great run and being the warden is the pinnacle.”