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Premier Houston makes right decision; flowers popping up with warmer weather

ANNE CROSSMAN news@saltwire.com @SaltWireNetwork Anne Crossman is a former journalist and media manager. She now does volunteer work in her community of Centrelea, Annapolis County.



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I was trying to remember the last time I heard a Canadian premier or a prime minister back down on a major policy stand. I’m sure it has happened, but I just don’t remember when. This is either a new kind of premier we have here in Nova Scotia or a throwback to gentler times. Whichever it is, it stands our newish premier, Tim Houston, in good stead. And I’m quite certain I haven’t said that in connection with a Progressive Conservative premier – ever. Even though Houston decided to head overseas right after making the announcement that the seasonal property tax had been turfed, it makes one wonder how much actual thought behind the scenes went into this tax business. How the heck did someone spin this item in such a way as to fix the province’s housing problem or our deficit problem? Then to back up part way, made things just as bad. I imagine the phone lines, the emails and the Letters to the Editor finally hit home. I wonder whose career path has suddenly stopped cold. This was a really bad idea. It gave us a black eye. It will take some time to make all those folks who liked coming here for half the year to feel welcome again. Here’s a message to you from me – we know who you are, and we know the contributions you make to our community. We cared then and we care now. The tenor of this provincial group of Tories feels much different from the federal socalled Conservatives. That leadership debate last week was disgraceful. Deadlines for this column didn’t permit me to see the May 11 debate, but I doubt that it was any better. At this rate, the Liberals will be in again for decades. What a bunch. The rabble that went to that meeting sound an awful lot like what we hear from the folks south of us. WARMING UP I hope spring has arrived where you are. While I don’t do much gardening these days, my efforts over the years are springing up around here. The red and yellow tulips, which I bought from the local legion via Bill Hirtle, have been spared by the wandering herd of six or seven deer. The daffodils, which I seem to have planted all over the place, are really going strong and I think the lilacs are going to be spectacular this year as there are oodles of buds. I am still waiting for the hummers to arrive here. They have been seen in the neighbourhood, and our feeders are out. I still remember Mary Ritchie, of Thexton’s Greenhouses, telling us that May 9 was when these tiny buzzbombs arrived at her place, so that was when one should put out the feeders. We have followed her words of wisdom and make sure the feeders are out on time.