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CHEERS TO AVERY JACKSON. The 24-year-old Clarence native has done a lot of good work, alongside others in his community, to help save the Clarence United Baptist Church and Clarence East School. The school is now used as the community centre and is home to a country market every Sunday from June 12 to Nov. 6. Both the church and former schoolhouse are now municipal heritage properties. We think it is great that young people like Avery see the value in historical buildings in their community and are willing to work to ensure they are maintained for future generations. Thank you for being a role model for others in our community, Avery. JEERS to soaring gas prices. Motorists are now paying more than $1.90 per litre and the prices are moving towards a toonie a litre. It doesn’t seem that long ago that talk of gas breaking the dollar mark head people shaking their heads. And there’s no end in sight. Why everyone is being pinched, we feel for tourism operators. They have endured two years of a pandemic and now, with restrictions lifted, we wonder how many people will be able to travel much this summer with the pain being felt every few days at the pumps. CHEERS to Greg Bower. He went to school in Middleton, returned to the community’s high school and invested a career in teaching and coaching. While his teams were very successful, this wasn’t a win-at-all-cost coach. He cared for his players and helped instil life lessons that will be with them long after they stop playing competitively. We suspect Mr. Bower can’t walk downtown without bumping into a former student or athlete he has coached. People like Mr. Bower are one of the things that make small towns so special. We wish Greg and his wife Karen, also a renowned educator and coach, a wonderful retirement. You have both earned it. JEERS to the rash off off-road vehicle collisions on one of the first nice weekends of the spring. In a four-hour stretch on May 7, the RCMP responded to four crashes involving injuries in four counties (Annapolis, Kings, Hants and Colchester). One person had to be airlifted to hospital while others were transported by ground. We only hope that people heed the Mounties’ warning to slow down, drive safe and enjoy their off-road activities.